View-Master custom reels started in the era of the blue ring reel. Commercial and private issues have been produced for a multitude of reasons, commercial advertising being the most prevalent. Weddings, medical applications, and other special events also account for a fair number of these reels.

Early reels were able to be ordered in small numbers of 25 , thus making them very hard to find. Later reels were usually produced in lots of 1000 or more but are still hard to find.

Fisher Price who now owns the View-Master product stopped production of all custom
and commercial reels on November 12, 2008.

A fantastic alternative does exist:

Former View-Master staff photographer Rich Dubnow has been producing his own custom Reels since the closing of the Portland, Oregon plant in 1997.
His company, Image3D, makes quantities of all sizes starting with as few as one reel.
With a fun and user-friendly Reel Builder, customers can upload their own photos and design their own Reel online.
Captions can even be added to each photo that will float in 3D when viewed within the Viewer. This gives customers with regular photos (non 3D) from their camera the ability to have some fun 3D effects. Customers design Reels for a multitude of reasons, from showcasing their art, for unique gifts, wedding invitations, announcing a new baby, and more.
Image3D also offers a corporate program geared toward clients wanting more 3D effects and packaging options. Large and small businesses alike, from Nike to the Minnesota Zoo, have used Image3D's custom Reels to showcase their products, motivate employees, and make customers smile.
Image3D has patented their own style of Reel too. They create the entire Reel from a solid piece of film and laminate it, making it sturdy, while also being compatible with all View-Master viewers. You can watch how Image3D makes their Reels and Viewers on the popular TV show, How It's Made- click here.
More information about Image3D can be found at the company website-