General 3-D Sites of Interest

National Stereoscopic Association The site that gives you all the information you need to know about this wonderful organization. Including how to order back issues of STEREO WORLD.

Dan's 3-D Page A comprehensive listing of 3-D books published throughout the years. Valuable information for anyone interested in 3-D and photographic history. Over 300 3-D links can be found here as well!

Studio 3D This is Ron Labbe's site showing what kind of 3-D images his studio is capable of producing. Great graphics and a neat site to visit!

20th Century 3-D Information about 3-D formats including View-Master, Realist, etc.

David Spahr's 3-D Home Page A look at some vintage images sure to please stereo card collectors.

Tim McIntyre Tim has been selling vintage photography products for over 15 years. He specializes in stereo views and View-Master.

Jefferson Stereoptics John Saddy is well known for his regular auctions of quality 3-D items including vinatage stereo views and View-Master items. Current auction is listed at this site.

Berezin Stereo Photoraphy Products Steve makes the wonderful new Star D Stereo viewer and other fine quality stereo products available at his site. Now putting acromatic lenses in the new VM Virtual Viewer.




View-Master Manuals On Line - Eddie Bowers site featuring manuals for various View-Master products that you can download and print yourself. Great reference source.

Unique Custom Reel Production - Special reel production done by 20+ year veteran View-Master photographer Rich Dubnow. For small runs of custom reels visit this site.

Toy Town Museum - Affiliated with Fisher-Price Corporation, headquarters for View-Master. Check out this site for special View-Master exhibits and information directly from the Museum.

View-Master Finland - This site contains information by Vesa Keskinen about VM items for the Finnish market.

Collectible View-Master Book - Brad Welsch's web site offering his book on collectible View-Master as well as View-Master reels & equipment for sale.

Australian View-Master Page This page has information about Australian VM products and worldwide 3-D items.

Stereo 3-D Images View-Master collector information, links to other 3-D sites and the history of the "Branson, Missouri" packet are available at this location.

View-Master Items For Sale View-Master and Tru-Vue items are for sale at this site.

The ULTIMATE Reel List If you want to know about a particular reel or reel number, this is the site to check.

Tru-Vue & View-Master Tom Martin maintains an index of Tru-Vue titles for both TV cards and strips. View-Master and other 3-D items for sale at his site.

View-Master Listings Diane Davison maintains this site containing View-Master information and stereo viewer pictures.

Reels For Sale View-Master reels for sale.

Italian View-Master Connection Interesting site with many photos of different View-Master viewers.

3-D From Dalia Dalia always has a lot of View-Master and Tru-Vue items in her regular catalogs and auctions. Also stocks all kinds of 3-D on a regular basis.

3-D Photography

Rocky Mountain Memories Tips on how to photograph your own 3-D pictures. Nice, easy to read descriptions of 3-D photography, methods of taking 3-D photographs with a single camera, two cameras, and beam splitters. Free viewing instructions tell you how to view pictures in 3-D without special glasses. 3-D projection, hyper stereo, anaglyphs, slide mounting, camera repair and more.

RBT Mounts and Cameras for sale Jon and Jan sell RBT Cameras, mounts and other equipment. Sometimes they turn up some vintage goodies as well.

3-D Books, Supplies and Related Matter

Stereoscopy.Com - A large resource for 3-D information and materials of all kinds. This site is maintained by Alexander Klein. He brings all kinds of 3-D supplies, books, viewers, etc. to stereo fans around the world.

E-Mail 3D Book Productions , Box 19, 9530 AA Borger, The Netherlands
3D Book Productions on line catalog with more information.